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Being productive whilst half dead

The past few days I have been under attack from an evil, merciless flu. Apart from feeling overly sorry for myself, dramatically complaining to anyone who would listen (even unwilling victims), utilising all tumblr, facebook, and now here to let the world know of my misery and stuffing myself with so much vitamin C I will probably soon turn into an orange, I have actually had a quite productive few days of what has felt like looming death.

I took Wednesday off work to recover and wallow in my own sorrows and snot, and as well as catching up on some much needed sleep and doing some quality stuffing my face with comfort food, I am now able to finally cross off another book on my to-read list: The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Which was an excellent, thought-provoking read including a few good lessons to learn, which took my mind off my self-sympathy for a little while. I am very much looking forward to reading other works of Mitch Albom. One positive thing about being so sick- being able to curl up under blankets at home all day, doing whatever you feel like. I also scored two job interviews in Brisbane (where I’m moving in a week’s time).

Thursday I had to take off work as well (unfortunately- I don’t want to use up my leave so it’s paid out when I finish at this job, damn it!) to go to said interviews (plus I was also still in the deathly clutches of the flu from hell). So I hope they appreciate me dragging myself out of my warm bed all the way to Brisbane in my awful state just to talk to them for a few minutes. If I don’t get the job I will snap and unleash my fury upon them, which will not be pleasant. Not for them anyway- I’m sure I’ll get a sadistic kick out of it. However, I also got to see the best friend, so it was worth it.

And now it is Friday already- I love weeks that go super quickly- and I have dragged myself to work, croaky-voiced, runny-nosed, watery-eyed and miserable but still here. Obviously I’m super dedicated, good hearted person. Obviously it has nothing to do with me wanting to not use up more sick leave so I get more money. Or not wanting to take three days off so I get a good reference. Obviously. They better all appreciate me.

However, I think just getting out of bed and to work is enough for 10am in my current condition and I need to ease myself into getting to the actual doing work part, which is why I’m currently writing this instead of doing my job. Happy Friday everyone!

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Hump Day Complaint

Each Wednesday morning typically goes like this:

-Wake up and think ‘yes! It’s hump day, end of the week is not too far away’
 -Sign into facebook and see status after status along the lines of ‘happy hump day!’ ‘week is halfway over!’
-Get into the office and again hear ‘happy hump day!’ ‘week is halfway over!’ ‘so glad it’s wednesday!’ (the last one actually mainly occurs on Fridays, but point still valid)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a hump day lover. But lately it’s got me thinking that I really, really wish I wasn’t. Wouldn’t it be great to have a lifestyle in which you weren’t constantly waiting for your weeks to be over, dreading your weekends to end, constantly waiting for something instead of enjoying the present?

One of my biggest goals/wishes/hopes in life is to create a lifestyle and career that makes me generally happy with my life and what I am doing, every day. Not just the weekends. Because at the moment, and I’m sure many people can relate, I absolutely despise Monday mornings as they signal the beginning of an entire week ahead. I go into the office Monday to Friday, wishing it was the end of the day and even more so, the end of the week. I wait it out the entire week for it to be Friday afternoon and the weekend is so short that before I know it I’m back for another five days of not wanting to be there.

And the more I think about the more I realise; that’s ridiculous. You only live once and it only makes sense to get the most that you can out of that one life. There’s not enough time to be spending five out of seven entire days of every week wishing time would pass quicker, wanting for the day and week to be over. I want to get out of bed on a Monday morning and be glad that it’s a Monday. I want to be happy to do whatever I have to do that Monday, instead of having to drag myself to the office for another day of constantly checking the clock that is obviously ticking twice as slowly on weekdays and twice as quickly on weekends just to torture me. What a waste of life to live for the weekends.

I don’t know, I just think living like that is wrong, and not how life should be. So many people accept that this is the norm and the way it has to be, but I completely disagree. Those people need to open their eyes to the importance things in life, and realise that doing what you want and being who you want is so much more important. Life is art.

As uninspiring and non motivational as this as, I do not have an immediate plan to fix this. Current plan is to wait it out until I start uni halfway through the year, which I am very much looking forward to and will hopefully enjoy more than what I’m doing currently. After finishing my degree I very much hope to land a job that I love and that makes me want to go to work every day, unlike my current menial reception/administration assistant bore. I refuse to be a slave to the ‘rat race’ and I am determined to be free.

In the meantime, things like this blog, which makes me feel like I am actually doing something creative that I enjoy, helps to keep me sane.

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