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Pizza: the healthy way

My current hardcore dieting unfortunately means that I can’t eat a lot of the delicious food I love and crave. Actually, it means I can’t eat food very much at all. I am a massive Italian food lover- and if I ate as much of it as I desired I would literally be an extremely massive Italian food lover. As Italian food is generally ridiculously high in carbs and calories and fat and everything else, and as I am the type of person who generally manages to find a way around everything, I have come up with a solution for me not allowing myself to eat carby high calorie favourites: pizza and pasta. Pasta is my favourite food ever.

The pasta one is super easy- it’s called Slim Pasta. While perusing a local health shop recently and gazing longingly at the pasta section, I came across a little package labelled Slim Pasta. Which for obvious reasons caught my immediate attention. Upon further investigation I discovered it had only 34 calories in the entire pack, which had two serves. It’s $4 for a pack, which is kind of expensive for pasta, but still not too bad and definitely worth it. It’s made from ‘konjac flour’ and even though it doesn’t exactly taste like normal pasta and it’s quite noodle like, it’s still pretty great. Definitely better than no pasta. I just mix it with a bottle of pasta sauce and a sprinkle of cheese and it’s like a 100 calorie, super duper filling meal! So fantastic.

Now on pizza: last night I was on cooking dinner for the family duty, and as I am vegetarian and they are the complete opposite, I try to find something that all of us like and will eat. Last night’s solution: healthy pizzas.

How do you make an actual healthy pizza, you wonder? Pretty simply, actually. All I did was use wholemeal pita breads as a base, spread them with tomato paste and pile on whatever veggies I desired- I used mushrooms, pineapple, olives, asparagus and capsicum, but I’m sure there’s plenty of delicious combinations. I put some ham on everyone else’s and left my share nice and meat free, and covered everyone elses with an abundance of cheese while only putting a sprinkling on mine, as it’s super fatty and high calorie. It was incredibly delicious and really filling, and it’s a fantastic meal to make to cater for a number of people who don’t eat the same things, because you can vary the ingredients on each one.

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased I have found a way to include my favourite foods in my current crazy dieting mode!

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