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A New York Dream


A close friend of mine has recently been offered the incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to study at New York University. As we both live in a small city near Brisbane, Queensland, moving to New York and being able to study at one of its major universities would be an amazing adventure and a dream come true for her.

Go check out her blog (freepagenumbers.wordpress.com) and see for yourself how wonderfully talented she is and how much she deserves to make this a reality.

However, there is one challenge that she needs to overcome- find $65,000 to pay for it. Which is why she’s set up this page (above link) to help achieve that. So if you could all take a small moment to go like/tweet/share the page on your blogs and facebook we would both appreciate it very, very much! And of course donate if possible, or spread the word around to people you think might be interested in donating and supporting this cause. Every little bit counts! Also, if you have any ideas for fundraising etc, please share to fuel some brainstorming 🙂

As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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