Too many ideas and too little time.

Usually I hate the end of the month, and the start of a new one. It serves no purpose but to remind me that time goes way too quickly and I have still achieved basically nothing that I want to achieve. And it is now the start of April, and I could not be more happy about it. Which completely contradicts what I just said. But April is almost July..sort of. When you’ve been waiting a year and a half to start uni like I have, April is definitely very much almost July. From about the beginning of this year I have been excited as each month started and the last one ended, so I can finally be doing what I want and starting to achieve what I want to do, as being your average receptionist/adminstration assistant was definitely never on my list of life goals or to-dos.

However, the closer it gets to July, the more I realise I’m not sure what I want to do. I am enrolled to start a psychology degree, and although I am extremely interested in psychology, I don’t know if I definitely want to be a psychologist. I know, of course, that there can be many outcomes of a psychology degree and it doesn’t necessarily mean being a psychologist, but I think my sudden change of heart on something I was so set on is the creative drought my life is currently suffering from. My mind is creative, all day every day I’m thinking of wonderful and fantastical things and ideas. I live in a little world of my own and I quite like it there. But my actual life is currently quite void of any creativity or arty stuff or whatever you would like to call it.

Since leaving school, I have been working full time in reception/administration positions, and it made me realise that in high school, I had completely taken for granted how much I got to write and play and create. Which got me thinking about the thing I have been passionate about since I was a young chlid- writing. Which got me thinking about actually being a writer. Which got me thinking about things like creative writing courses and writing and editing magazines and how amazing it would feel to have written a successful published novel and all of those wonderful things. Which then put me in quite a predicament. I don’t want to not do psychology, but I have all of these creative urges bubbling up inside of me and they are very determinedly trying to get out. They’ve been whizzing around in there for quite a while, you see, so I don’t blame them at all.

The other thing is, psychology will most likely not get me anywhere extraordinary. Writing can. By this I don’t necessarily mean career wise (that too though), but also personally.

My current solution is this:
Study psychology and do creative writing on the outside. Although there are still ideas and options buzzing around my mind, this one makes sense. There is no reason why I should just do one thing.

One of my many life mottos- do what you love.

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I have added a to-read list!

as previously my to-read list was not actually one list, but scribblings and notes on many different phones, notepads, computers and various brain compartments.

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Testimonial to pasta (or, ‘I have found the most orgasmic pasta in Brisbane city’)

Testimonial to pasta (or, 'I have found the most orgasmic pasta in Brisbane city')

One of my best friends/roommate and I have started a regular thing of going out for dinner together late Friday nights. Our adventure last Friday night led us to Vapiano, an Italian restaurant in the city, where I discovered what was probably the best pasta I have tasted in my life.

Yes, I completely blew my current diet and that one meal probably contained a substantial amount of days worth of my self-advised calorie intake- but it was completely, without a doubt worth it.

We decided since we were both completely ignoring our diet plans we might as well go all out, and ordered a bruschetta (which was also incredible), a glass of Moscato each (the best I have tasted, Chalk Hill I believe) and the pasta. Holy mother of god, the pasta. After much deliberating over the abundantly pasta filled menu we finally decided to choose the most creamy, fatty one we could find- ‘Pollo E Spinaci’- which to put in a less fancy way, was chicken (that my new half vegetarian self removed), onion, pesto and baby spinach in a cream sauce. I would almost go as far as saying this pasta was as good as sex. Whaaat an experience. Literally, my friend and I sat there giggling in awe of the deliciousness and making a lot of appreciative moaning noises. Yes, sometimes we get a little too over excited about food, but in my defense, this was something to get very over excited for.

Apart from the absolutely amazing food, Vapiano ticks all the right boxes. It has a very unique ordering/serving system, in that you go up to the counter and order your meal from one of the many chefs standing behind it in a kitchen, who then focusses on you and your food only and makes the meal right in front of you. Excellent customer service, and the chefs were all very friendly and chatty, making you feel right at home.

I am definitely one for quirky, different, well set out restaurants that set a certain mood. I wouldn’t describe Vapiano as so much quirky, but it definitely had a very bold, friendly, comfortable and very Italian atmosphere.

Price wise, it only turned out around $20 each, as one bowl of pasta was more than enough for the both of us- as much as we tried to stuff in more delicious goodness, we couldn’t even get through it all. As a sign at the restaurant said, ‘the problem about Italian food is that five or six days later you’ll be hungry again’. I appreciated that one.

This will definitely be my place of choice when I want to treat myself to an Italian feast and break my diet good and proper. My love for this place is probably quite intensified by my extreme love for pasta and Italian food, and I’m rather glad I don’t live in Italy, pretty sure I would be quite the fatty.

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Hump Day Complaint

Each Wednesday morning typically goes like this:

-Wake up and think ‘yes! It’s hump day, end of the week is not too far away’
 -Sign into facebook and see status after status along the lines of ‘happy hump day!’ ‘week is halfway over!’
-Get into the office and again hear ‘happy hump day!’ ‘week is halfway over!’ ‘so glad it’s wednesday!’ (the last one actually mainly occurs on Fridays, but point still valid)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a hump day lover. But lately it’s got me thinking that I really, really wish I wasn’t. Wouldn’t it be great to have a lifestyle in which you weren’t constantly waiting for your weeks to be over, dreading your weekends to end, constantly waiting for something instead of enjoying the present?

One of my biggest goals/wishes/hopes in life is to create a lifestyle and career that makes me generally happy with my life and what I am doing, every day. Not just the weekends. Because at the moment, and I’m sure many people can relate, I absolutely despise Monday mornings as they signal the beginning of an entire week ahead. I go into the office Monday to Friday, wishing it was the end of the day and even more so, the end of the week. I wait it out the entire week for it to be Friday afternoon and the weekend is so short that before I know it I’m back for another five days of not wanting to be there.

And the more I think about the more I realise; that’s ridiculous. You only live once and it only makes sense to get the most that you can out of that one life. There’s not enough time to be spending five out of seven entire days of every week wishing time would pass quicker, wanting for the day and week to be over. I want to get out of bed on a Monday morning and be glad that it’s a Monday. I want to be happy to do whatever I have to do that Monday, instead of having to drag myself to the office for another day of constantly checking the clock that is obviously ticking twice as slowly on weekdays and twice as quickly on weekends just to torture me. What a waste of life to live for the weekends.

I don’t know, I just think living like that is wrong, and not how life should be. So many people accept that this is the norm and the way it has to be, but I completely disagree. Those people need to open their eyes to the importance things in life, and realise that doing what you want and being who you want is so much more important. Life is art.

As uninspiring and non motivational as this as, I do not have an immediate plan to fix this. Current plan is to wait it out until I start uni halfway through the year, which I am very much looking forward to and will hopefully enjoy more than what I’m doing currently. After finishing my degree I very much hope to land a job that I love and that makes me want to go to work every day, unlike my current menial reception/administration assistant bore. I refuse to be a slave to the ‘rat race’ and I am determined to be free.

In the meantime, things like this blog, which makes me feel like I am actually doing something creative that I enjoy, helps to keep me sane.

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Twenty years from now you…

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Vegetarian Adventures

I have recently decided to become ‘more vegetarian’- I am cutting red meat out of my diet, severely limiting chicken/poultry, but still eating fish. And a lot of tofu/lentils to make up for the protein. I am also trying very hard to diet, by decreasing my calorie intake and having as little fat and sugar as possible.

I find that vegetarian and healthy recipes often have complicated ingredients that I don’t usually have in my pantry, and don’t want to buy because they’re not used often of difficult to find, but these can often be easily substituted for other ingredients, or omitted altogether, and I often add different ingredients that weren’t in the original recipe, to suit what I’ve got on hand/have access to.

To accommodate these things into my lifestyle and make it a little more ‘exciting’ and not so difficult, I have been spending quite a few hours researching delicious and easy recipes for healthy vegetarian food, as well as some experimenting. My efforts thus far have been rather successful, and hopefully I will maintain the motivation to keep at it!

I tried out a recipe last night but tweaked it a little and revised the ingredient amount so it made enough for just me, and it turned out fantastic. I based it off this recipe: (this site also has loads of other awesome recipes, and it’s great because it shows all of the nutrition information for every recipe) but my own version was as follows:

1/4 teaspoon garlic and ginger (just the already prepared crushed in a jar ones)
about 2 tbsp water
1 tsp cornflour
splash of soy sauce
splash of oyster sauce
whatever vegetables I had in the cupboard (which turned out to be carrot, broccoli and green beans)
a handful of tofu

Then I simply heated up the garlic and ginger in a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil, added in the vegetables, tofu and a little bit of soy sauce and oyster sauce, adding more as needed, stir fried the vegetables until they were cooked, added the cornflour mixed with the water and stir fried for another couple of minutes, and ate! Turned out super delicious, and was a piece of cake to make (just a lot more healthy and a lot less fattening).

The original recipe version of this says that it only has 190 calories per serve, so my version would have around the same amount. This one will definitely become a dinner regular.

I then made an asparagus frittata, a recipe invention courtesy of myself, for lunch today, which also turned out wonderfully. All I did for that one was fry some canned asparagus in a tiny bit of crushed garlic and cheese, laid it out in the bottom of a baking dish, covered it with as many beaten eggs as I thought sufficient, and sprinkled with some cheese, salt & pepper and mixed herbs, and cooked in the oven.

A couple of fantastic, super easy, delicious and healthy, low calorie and low fat recipe ideas. Next experiment is tofu rice paper rolls!

If anyone has any other ideas/recipes that would suit my diet, I would love to hear about them.

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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2- Least Favourite Book

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2- Least Favourite Book

There are, of course, a few books that I have read and not been particularly fond of, but the one that comes to mind is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I had to read this book for school in grade 12, and at first was looking forward to the unit as it was a book that had been on my to read list for quite a while. However, I didn’t have to get far into the book to realise it wasn’t at all my type- I didn’t enjoy the writing style or the story line, I found it boring and monotonous and I couldn’t ‘get into it’. After struggling through about two-thirds of it, I gave up and resorted to watching the BBC film version, and luckily still didn’t do too bad on the exam.

I also didn’t like that the story was so centred and focussed on the need to find a husband and have a man in your life. Even before the girls found a husband, they relied a lot on their father. Pet hate. I couldn’t even tell you clearly how the storyline went as I found it almost impossible to pay any attention whilst reading it, but from what I gathered, it seemed to be a very shallow observation of society.

It has left me quite uninterested in reading any other Austen books.

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It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all- in which case, you fail by default.

following this morning’s rather obsessive Harry Potter post, this quote by JK Rowling furthers my admiration of her.

It is impossible to live …

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I found this photo today while browsing for pictures I liked ( and really liked it, to me it very accurately captures youth and freedom, two things that mean a lot to me. I love the relaxed, carefree feeling doing things like this give me and I’d much prefer doing that right now rather than being cooped up in my office all day. It also made me really want to go camping asap!

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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 1- Favourite Book

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 1- Favourite Book

Doesn’t just looking at these books give you a warm and wonderful sense of magical homeliness and feeling of belonging at Hogwarts and Harry’s intriguing world, making you wish you could literally dive into the book and leave you frantically searching for the entrance to Platform 9 3/4.

I am 18 years old and am still waiting for my acceptance to Hogwarts letter, refusing to give up hope. Another theory I have devised is that J.K. Rowling is actually a Squib, releasing the secret world to the public out of bitterness of being a Squib. This latter theory, however, would have to mean I am a Muggle, and that obviously can’t be the case. So i’ll stick with the very probable case that my letter was lost in the mail, or someone killed the delivery owl out of jealousy that they weren’t receiving a Hogwarts letter too. One day Professor McGonagall herself will probably turn up on my doorstep to ask where I’ve been all these years.

From my above ramblings which have no doubt left you convinced that I am completely insane and my delusions must surely be the result of torturings by Voldemort himself (so torturous, in fact, that the Order of the Phoenix had no choice but to Obliviate me and send me to the safety of the Muggle world for a while, but not to worry, now that Voldemort is well dead they will come pick me up to bring me back soon), it is needless to say that the Harry Potter series is my favourite book(s) (I refuse to pick one) hands down.

Never have I ever found another book that I have felt as involved in, or that has stayed with me, like Harry Potter has. And I know for a fact that I am not the only one of that opinion, I am sure thousands, if not millions, have been just as captured. Harry Potter is not just a book. It’s not something you just read and put away on the shelf, content that you’ve just read an excellent book. Harry Potter was a massive part of my childhood and is a part of me. It has created a spirit that is wonderful to feel and incredible to be a part of. No matter how many times I read them, I never fail to get lost in the story, and being a very big fan of magic and adventure, I find them particularly wonderful. Adding to my insanity streak, I even have regular dreams in which I am a witch that lives in Harry Potter world, and I am proud to say I have defeated Voldemort on a few occasions.

What is it exactly that I love about Harry Potter so much? Everything, really. The characters- who could not love the wise and witty Dumbledore, the Weasley family, and much to my surprise, the last book even left me with the tiniest soft spot for Dudley Dursley; the storyline, the adventures, the magic; but I think mainly, the imaginary world that it is based in. How could you not feel a sense of belonging and homeliness when you’ve been on so many late night adventures through Hogwarts castle, and joined in on so many Hogsmeade trips with Harry, Ron and Hermione. When you’ve drooled over the start of year banquets and laughed at those getting Sorted. Cried with Harry when Sirius died and again with Dobby, then Dumbledore. Grieved with the entire wizarding community at the loss of lives and hoped with every triumph. Even the small things- Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs, Cauldron Cakes..make you wish you could take a trip to Diagon Alley and go shopping. Even Gringotts sounds exciting. I can assure you, this is the only book I have ever read that has managed to make a bank an exciting place.

I have a great amount of respect for J.K. Rowling and I look up to her a lot. She has the most amazing imagination and it would be almost impossible for another author to be able to create a world and a revolution that beats the one she has created. Imagine having created that; the very best of this day and age. It would be amazing.

I could go on and on about Harry Potter probably forever, but I’ll just leave it at that until I find the bizarre reason of why I am living in the Muggle world and have not yet been issued a wand, let alone a Hogwarts letter, I will continue to live in denial and dream about my true witch identity and regularly immerse myself in the wonderful magical incredibleness that is Harry Potter.

N.B: Bear in mind that you have no proof that I am not a witch on a secret Muggle Studies project and I do not have a portal hiding in my cupboard that leads to my magical home world. Obviously I can’t confirm that this is true as I would be in serious trouble for blowing my cover and revealing that magic is actually true to the Muggle world, but yeah..just saying, it’s a possibility that I have not denied. Hint hint. It’s okay to be jealous.

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