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finally venturing deeper into the online world

not that I do not spend ample time on the internet, blogging, facebooking, researching, browsing the infinite depths of the world wide web, the usual etc etc. However! Today marked a new point in my online adventures- venturing into the world of online shopping. Sure, I’ve checked it out before, looked around, done a bit of browsing, but have never stepped in far enough to actually buy something. Until now.

Continuing with my good day, I decided the appropriate way to spend my lunch hour was in a bookstore- a place where I always feel at home, comfortable and relaxed. I became more and more disheartened, however, when seeing all the wonderful books, checking the price tags, then thinking of my current less than impressive bank balance. Got back to the office, and began my new mission- to satisfy my hunger and love for literature and the wonderful world of words and stories, while keeping my bank account happy and me guilt free. It did not take me long to discover, and I browsed for a good hour or so, marveling at the vast collection of books and the incredibly cheap prices. After much thought process and decision making, I finally purchased:

– The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
– Robinson Crusoe
-The Five People You Meet in Heaven

All for a mere $17!

Now I just have to wait patiently for the few weeks it is anticipated to take to receive them, and hopefully all goes well and they actually turn up. And if it works out, I will definitely be using this for the majority of my book purchases from now on. Overall, I must say, I think I might be a budding fan of online shopping! Next might even be…wait for it…clothes. Big step, I know.

Point of this post being- my geeky side has been satisfied for now, as has my adventurous & curious side, in the technology department- both with venturing into online shopping and creating a new blog all in one day!

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Awkward first post.

This morning I woke and dragged myself out of my friend’s bed at the ungodly time of 6.40am, having attended a toga party last night, and still having an hour until work by the time we got into town and still half asleep and very out of it to the world, we sat and chugged down very strong, bitter long blacks and I treated myself to a MacDonalds breakfast, amounting to me having consumed about two days worth of my self appointed fat intake all before 8.30am. All seemingly irrelavant, boring details, but now that I was caffeinated and fed and even though it was so awfully early, I had had quite a lovely start to the day, I became aware to the fact that it was actually a very pleasant, lovely Friday morning. Highly unusual, since usually I absolutely despise every morning Monday-Friday.

Sitting at my desk to start my day at the office in a very overtired, overcaffeinated state, I found myself in a very odd, very happy mood, for no other reason than life. Looking at my to do list, I realised I had basically no work for the day, and both of my bosses are not in the office, so the appropriate thing to do in my buzzy , not feeling like working mood seemed to be to spend my day listening to all my favourite music, eating whatever delicious food I felt like, drinking copious amounts of delicious, invigorating coffee and create a new blog about life. So here we are!

Starting this blog on a positive note, I have been very up and down/depressive/not knowing what to do lately, and sometimes all it takes is something as simple and a pleasant, happy morning to appreciate the goodness of life.