30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2- Least Favourite Book

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2- Least Favourite Book

There are, of course, a few books that I have read and not been particularly fond of, but the one that comes to mind is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I had to read this book for school in grade 12, and at first was looking forward to the unit as it was a book that had been on my to read list for quite a while. However, I didn’t have to get far into the book to realise it wasn’t at all my type- I didn’t enjoy the writing style or the story line, I found it boring and monotonous and I couldn’t ‘get into it’. After struggling through about two-thirds of it, I gave up and resorted to watching the BBC film version, and luckily still didn’t do too bad on the exam.

I also didn’t like that the story was so centred and focussed on the need to find a husband and have a man in your life. Even before the girls found a husband, they relied a lot on their father. Pet hate. I couldn’t even tell you clearly how the storyline went as I found it almost impossible to pay any attention whilst reading it, but from what I gathered, it seemed to be a very shallow observation of society.

It has left me quite uninterested in reading any other Austen books.

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3 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2- Least Favourite Book

  1. kiwigirlskiwiblog says:

    Such a shame! Austen can be very funny and has great insight into society. As much as I agree with you on relying on men, these poor girls had no choice. They were a result of their time. Persuasion is a great Austen novel that I found to be far easier to understand.

    • That’s a good point. I will bring myself to read more Austen eventually, but unfortunately Pride and Prejudice turned me off it quite a lot. I will have a try at reading Persuasion, thanks for the recommendation 🙂 another one I have been thinking of reading is Emma. Hopefully by trying a few more of her books it will redeem my opinion of her writing.

      • kiwigirlskiwiblog says:

        I recommend you start with Persuasion. Emma might be too like P&P to start with. Maybe without the pressure of reading something for school it might improve too. Goodluck!

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